Headstone Re-erecting

If you have ever visited a cemetery and noticed that there are headstones requiring re-erecting as they are lying down on the ground you may be wondering why this is and how you go about having the headstone re-erected if you are affected.

This post will give information on the reasons why local authorities have been lying headstones down.

After the tragic events that lead to a young child’s death in a Glasgow cemetery and subsequent investigation by a Fatal Accident Inquiry, tests are being carried out by local authorities on headstones that may pose a danger to the general public. Any stone that has been deemed unsafe will either be staked or laid flat.

“Given the potential danger posed by large leaning memorials, these should be given special attention and clear guidance issued as to the procedures for testing their safety and stability in order to assess whether there is concerning movement associated with such structures.”

Sheriff Ruxton

Whether the family are notified of this or not is entirely down to the council involved. This has led to many cases of family members discovering their loved ones stone has been taken down without warning. This is understandably upsetting. But worth noting that no matter the height of a headstone, if it is loose then it is dangerous. Especially if (like the one in the story above) it is not pinned to the foundation. A headstone falling on you will do some serious damage.

The reasons for a headstone being deemed unsafe can vary

  • Poor quality foundations – Many older headstones were placed on a foundation made from bricks which collapse over time.
  • Poor quality fitting – Unfortunately some companies to not adhere to the strict guidelines issued by the governing body.
  • Root systems – Nearby trees and bushes can eventually push foundations out of the way as their roots grow over time.

Stonemasons in Britain are governed by either the National Association of Memorial Masons (NAMM) or the British Register of Accredited Memorial Masons (BRAMM).

All modern memorial headstones are pinned with threaded stainless-steel rods. This means that should they come loose; they should not fall over as the pins will catch preventing excess movement. The headstone will still be deemed a danger to public safety and the local authority will act accordingly.

Distinct Memorials Headstone Re-erecting

If your family headstone has either been taken down, is loose or has fallen over then please get in touch. We will have the headstone re-erected to current industry standards making sure it is no longer a danger.

Headstone re-erecting
A fallen memorial professionally re-erected